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Muay Thai
Wing Fight
Wing Weapon
Wing Minis
Wing Kids
Wing Teens
Fighter Fitness

About Us

We are a colorfully diced bunch of sports and exercise enthusiasts, who appreciate a team – oriented training and an open-minded and fun atmosphere.

There is something in for everybody, whether you want to burn off energy, learn realistic self-defense, compete against like-minded people in sparring situations or simply want to find a new and exciting hobby, such as ground combat or fighting with traditional weapons.


A very nice, competent and very committed team.

The WingKids training takes good care of the children. Everything is explained to them well and they are constantly motivated. Parents are given the opportunity to exercise themselves during the waiting period.

Father | Wing Kids

The best address in the city to learn a sport without any previous knowledge. Coaches, school, school management, training sessions, are highly recommended and in good condition. With fun and discipline to succeed. Very realistic, address the strengths, weaknesses and wishes of the individual students. The training sessions are physically demanding, varied and yet achievable! In short, if you are thinking about enrolling in a martial arts school, you will not miss this address!

Bambi, 38

Super friendly and competent trainers who know how to bring the most different skill levels under one hat – from the absolute novice to the ambitious competitor. Family atmosphere and training partners who become good friends. At the end of the evening, we’ll have a beer together at the bar. Can I wholeheartedly recommend!

Henriette Repmann, 28


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