Martial arts training

for young people from 10 to 14 years

“Fit, safe and confident” on the way to adulthood is our motto at the Wing Teens. Together with educators, psychologists, police officers, fitness trainers, martial arts experts, doctors and therapists, we have developed a training program that teaches young people the knowledge and skills to stand up for themselves, to react better in threatening situations and to live healthier and more balanced lives.

In Wing Teens, teenagers aged 10-14 train efficient self-defence patterns and skills to act more calmly and de-escalated in conflict situations to better protect themselves and others.

Techniques from kickboxing, judo and wrestling are trained in a fun and sporty atmosphere, so in our training you get a first introduction to different disciplines of martial arts, improving coordination, balance and responsiveness.

Strength and fitness throughout the body are trained with modern methods and exercises from strength sports, crossfit and yoga to create a physical compensation to school, which counteracts the growing problems of everyday school life and sitting in front of the screen (unsportiness, overweight, lack of concentration, poor health, etc.).

Convince yourself of our concept and arrange a free trail training.

The benefits of Wing Teens

  • for 10-14 year olds
  • Learning efficient self-defence patterns and de-escalation techniques
  • Learn different disciplines of the martial arts kickboxing, judo, wrestling etc.
  • Exercising conflict situations in a safe environment (without violence)
  • Addressing issues such as civil courage, violence prevention, consideration for others, empathy, dangers of alcohol and drugs
  • Reduction of inhibitions and fears
  • Training of voice, facial expressions and gestures
  • Specially trained trainers pay attention to the individual abilities of the young people and promote them in a trageted way and help them discover new ones

Only normal sports clothing and a drink are to be brought along on the day of the trial training.

Head coach
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