Wing Fight – modern martial sport

Wing Fight is a modern martial art sport with kicking and punching elements (similar to kickboxing, but mostly with bare fists), as well as ground fighting (wrestling, judo, BJJ, etc.) to be able to implement self-defense in every situation.

Wing Fight on the Point

+++Martial arts / competition (BJJ, K1, MMA)

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Wing Fight is suitable for all those who

  • want to get fitter (per 90 Min training you burn an average of 600-1000 kcal)
  • want to feel safer
  • want to do something good for themselves
  • want to start a great ne hobby
  • are looking for a balance to their everyday life (stress relief)
  • do not want to go to a normal gym

Wing Fight facts

  • Quickly leads to good defensive capability – self-defense capability
  • provides a fitness level at the highest quality – we prepare beginners step by step and respond to their personal goals and desires.
  • Keeps the body flexible and supple
  • Optimizes balance and responsivness
  • Improves concentration and assertivness
  • Strengthens self-confidence, team spirit and decisiveness
  • Supports the principle of mutual respect
  • Successfully helps to reduce stress
  • Makes a lot of fun, thanks to the most modern training methods
  • Is one of the martial arts with the lowest risk of injury

Wing Fight Background

However, Wing Fight emerged from the Wing Tsun Kung Fu and represents the logical further development of this system. Training takes plave in a relaxed group atmosphere without strict hierarchy. The whole thing is taught more in principle than in technology, in order to be able to respond better to the special physical and mental conditions of each person. Someone who is big and strong has to move and fight differently than someone who is small and weak.

Not every technique is suitable for every person.Situation-related, realistic self-defense is practiced at regular intervals in order to convert what has been learned into applicable abilities. The aim is to increase the defensiveness of a person in an escalation case. The sporty side is trained by regular sparrings.

Wing Fight was created around the turn of the millennium. The Wing Revolution association, ddedicated to the development of the system, was founded in 2010 by Sifu Victor Gutierrez (an internationally recongnized top martial arts coach).


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