Wrestling is a duel without kicks and punches, with the aim of pressing both shoulders of the opponent to the ground at the same time. It is used in many other martial arts (MMA, BJJ, Judo) and promotes tactical understanding and physical fitness.

Wrestling to the point

++Martial arts / competition (BJJ, K1, MMA)

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The benefits of wrestling

  • Boosts motor skills
  • Improves the overall fitness of the body
  • Improves orientation and spatial awareness
  • Increases stamina and explosive power

History of wrestling

Wrestling is one of the oldest martial arts in the world. The earliest evidence can be traced back to China and Egypt and can be dated back about 3000 BC. Wrestling became really popular in ancient times, where it was part of the Olympic Games, but at that time it was tsill part of the pentathlon (pancration). In the Roman Republic wrestling was part of the basic training of every legionary, good wrestlers were quickly recruited as gladiators and won in the arena. Also in Germany wrestling has a long tradition. In 1893 there was the first German championship, in wrestling and since 1964 there has been the Bundesliga for wrestling.


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