Children’s sports

for children from 2 – 4 years

Wing Minis is a group for young athletes between 2 and 4 years old accompanied by their parents, in which we want to reach different goals for children with lots of fun and exercise:

In the foreground ist the promotion of the joy of exercise and the common togetherness. But there is more to do: We train coordination, perception, skill, attention, body feeling and stamina. For this purpose, we combine exercise games with skill and perception exercises and games for relaxation, each taking into account the different abilities and developmental stages of the children. Our training sessions are framed with stories and music that makes it easier for the children to get to grips with the games.

You as parents are involved at all times – actively and/or with explanations of the exercises – so that every week we can spend a fun time and make many great experiences together.


  • Playfu development of essential physical skills such as expertise, coordination, body feeling, fine and coarse motor skills
  • Children can test and experience new situations
  • Promoting attention and control
  • Age-dependent learning groups in which the individual circumstances of children are addressed
  • Play with parents and other children
  • Fun of exercise and sports


  • Participation in the training doesn’t require a contrat. You can decide every week if you want to participate and only pay if you are really there. There will be funding oppotunities.
  • One free “sneak peak”.
  • 1 Training = 10 €
  • Card of 10 trainings= 80 €

Chlothing & drinks

  • Loose clothes suitable for playing and running around
  • Please bring your own drinks


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