FLINTA* Kickboxing

FLINTA* is an abbreviation and stands for women, lesbians, intersex, nonbinary, trans and agender persons. The appended asterisk serves as a placeholder to include all non-binary gender identities.

FLINTA* is often used to create a place of refuge for people who are “patriarchally discriminated against on the basis of their gender identity” when attending events. FLINTA* refers exclusively to the gender identity of individuals, unlike the term LGBTQIA+, which also includes asexual and non-heterosexual orientation.

The L, which stands for lesbians, is the only exception. Despite the fact that being a lesbian is usually considered a sexual orientation rather than a gender identity, the term was included in the abbreviation to present feminist achievements. More information here.

Kickboxing as a sport

Kickboxing combines various East Asian martial arts such as karate or taekwondo with traditional boxing. Effective punching techniques with hands (boxing) and feet (kicking) are practiced and combined.

The fights take place in a fair relationship according to fixed rules, the aim is to prepare for competitions.

Kickboxing increases strength, flexibility and dexterity of the body, endurance, self-confidence and the ability to concentrate. At the same time, the enjoyment of sports is promoted in a pleasant group atmosphere. A great description can be found here.

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FLINTA* Kickboxing on the spot

+++Martial arts / competition(light contact, K1, MMA)

Kickboxing is suitable for all those who

  • want to get fitter (per 90 min training you burn an average of 700-1100 kcal)
  • want to feel safer
  • want to do something good for themselves
  • want to start a great new hobby
  • are looking for a balance to their everyday life (stress relief)
  • do not want to go to a normal gym
  • are too shy to engage in ground combat

Interested people can join the training at any time after a completed trial training. We design the exercises individually, i. e. based on the individual’s abilities. Everyone from the age of 14 is welcome. You can find the monthly cost here. Just ask for a free and non-binding trial training.


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