Grappling and ground fighting

Brazilien Jiu Jitsu, or short BJJ, is a fighting style that aims to bring your opponent to the ground as quickly as possible in order to defeat him with different levels and strangles. Originally developed primarily for physically interferior fighters, BJJ is now enjoying a broad popularity and further development.

Fitness, balance and flexibilty are promoted in the training as well as general body feeling ans imagination/strategic thinking. It is not for nothing that people speak of human chess

This course is suitable for all those who

  • Search for a challenging full-body workout
  • Want to keep you body moving and supple
  • Want to train your balance and your abilitiy to react
  • Want to increase your concentration and assertiveness
  • Want to expand your self-defence skills to include the ground

You can expect

  • An effective curriculum
  • State-of-the-art training methods

At least 8 training sessions are held each week on the subject (NoGi Grappling, wrestling, BJJ in Gi (Bjj with punches)).

With Victor Pereira and Rodrigo Malkav we have very experienced BJJ black belts as Grappling/BJJ headcoaches in the gym.

The benefits of BJJ

  • Full body workout for a high level of fitness
  • Keeps the body flexible and supple
  • Optimizes balance and responsiveness
  • Improves concentration and assertiveness
  • Offers structured training up to black belt
  • Effective curriculum developed by Brazilian Blackbelts
  • Supports students with detailed teaching materials and guides
  • Makes a lot of fun thanks to the most modern training methods
  • Detailed feedback from the trainer after each hour
  • Students can participate in WingBJJ-internal and supraregional competitions gain practical experience


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