Improve your fitness

Fitness is increased by so-called body weight exercises – exercises that work with one’s own body weight and increase functional strength and condition. Unlike gyms, we focus primarily on functionality and not on the defintion of a muscle group.

For this purpose, we use many traditional training equipment such as kettlebells, punch bars or terrab bands to increase strength, stamina and coordination. A relaxed and laid back group atmosphere promotes motivation and long-term motivation. Partner exercises make it easier to deal with each other and get started. An untrained person can achieve an above-average strength and endurance ratio within a few months if he exercises regularly.

Group training is always more motivating than a normal gym – especially for people who are unable to motivate themselves sufficiently long-term. In a good gym there are group training and courses, but the fluctuation and performance spectrum of the participants is so great that the instructors have to use a low level of performance (you don’t go too far and too deep and don’t do too heavy exercises) in order to satisfy all customers. Thanks to our smaller groups, a higher basic level of performance and a wide range of different levels of difficulty of the individual exercises (in order to give even completly untrained people a good feeling and a good training progress), our group-based training sessions achieve the best results in the long term, especially

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Main Objective

Fitness/movement experience

Intensity: moderate/high (depending on programme)


The majority of the unit is actively spent with sports in which different types of workouts are used. (Power Circle, Partner Exercises, Complex Exercises). In addition, there is warming and a more or less intensive stretching.

Some sessions will be in our gym, others in parks or other places. Adapted to the circumstances, the training will always offer different experiences and stimuli.

– „there are far more force stimuli than simple chin-ups and dips” (variations, combinations, focus on speed

Basically, I will have a theme for each training.

e.g. Today ONLY with your own body weight (you only need a floor XD)


Complex exercises: Different exercises are connected to each other to ensure a full-body use.

“Other experiences and stimuli”: e.g.: park elements, what is possible with your own body weight?

I will consider variations for each level before each training. It’s supposed to be very exhausting for everyone involved… but not impossible🙂


  • Training with and without equipment
  • Fast changeover, high interval sequence, high pulse – this increases energy consumption
  • Activation and use of the complete musculature – with special focus on the core musculature (abdomen, back, trunk, butt)
  • Great fun factor due to the mood in the group and the fast exercise changes


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