Wing Weapon – Weaponfight

is a modern arms race that originated from the escrima. But influences from other FMAs are also clearly noticeable. The weaponless concepts of the WingFight play beautifully together with the weapon-based concepts of the Wing Weapon. We train mainly with sticks, but we also use knives, swords, pitchers, spears, longsticks, geckos and everyday objects.

The objectives are to train self-defense with everyday objects and to train a competitive martial art in order to develop lasting motivation.

The benefits of Wing Weapon

  • Teaching effective self-defence techniques
  • All weapon techniques can be easily applied to everyday objects
    (mobile phone, handbag, umbrella, ballpoint pen etc. ).
  • Increase of physical strength and fitness
  • Improving concentration and coordination skills
  • Optimization of responsiveness and sense of distance

Head coach
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