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We’re not training the ONE martial art

We do not train the ONE martial art, but several martial arts in order to be able to respond to the individual needs of each interested person. All kind of people come together. People who like to fight, people who want to improve their physical fitness, people who want to try cutting and stabbing weaponswomen who feel insecure, children, who lack balance, people who are looking for a great new hobby.

We don’t make a strict distinction between ritual duel and realistic self-defence. Each student defines his or her main goal (and he or she can change that once he or she has achieved it). If it consist of getting significantly fitter, then we do it together with a good mix of group exercises, ground fighting, sparring and strength and fitness circles. Another student wants to learn uncompromising self-defence – then we teach him a whole arsenal of the most effective and simplest Wing Tsun, BJJ, Escrima, Krav Maga, Systema and KFM techniques in order to acutally be able to defend himself. Our maxim is to get as close to reality as possible without seriously hurting oneself. In order to achieve this, we train with protective equipment, but also outside, in appropriate clothing and the appropriate mental state, without taking into account the rules, but taking into account the German self-defence paragraph.

Then there are the people who want to prove themselves. This is best done in a sporting comparison. Here we create a framework to be able to prove oneself on the ground, standing, with weapons, just fitness or in combination. At this point we talk about martial arts.


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