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Martial arts school for children & Teenagers

The martial arts school Leipzig offers children numerous opportunities for self-defence and self-assertion. Children drom the age of 2 can improve their motor skills, strengthen their social skills and self-confidence, learn how to defend themselves and enjoy sports.

We offer children’s courses for beginners, advanced and teenagers. We address the different developmental needs of different age groups are addressed. In the training, we practice not only the sporting aspects, but also a positive interaction with each other. To this end, we have developed the Children’s Values Program, which we are implementing very succesfully. Parents and children can track their training progress through our graduation system.

Within Leipzig, we are committed to a non-violent school culture. We focus particularly on primary schools in order to show schoolchildren from the start that everyday life can and must go without violence. Information about our violence prevention program can be found here and here.


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